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With a combination of consulting and research, Ezra Group provides effective guidance for wealth management firms including advisor compensation systems, fee-based platform evaluation, operational efficiency and improvements, and more.

Technology Platform Strategy and Evaluation

Successful wealth management firms need efficient technology platforms. Without the right mix of strategy and platforms, firms find it difficult to scale, reduce costs, and improve their advisor experience.

Ezra Group leverages its expertise in all aspects of a wealth firm’s tech stack to build the operational processes that ensure firms continue growing. This service includes overall platform strategy, vendor recommendation and selection, application integrations, software implementations, and operational workflow optimization. We review existing technology and operation and perform a detailed gap analysis. We deliver targeted recommendations along with an actionable roadmap to reach future state objectives.

Data-as-an-Asset Strategic Assessment

This assessment gives C-Suite leaders superior insight on whether their organization is positioned to employ significant strategic leverage from its data. 

Data can be used to find patterns that highlight opportunities, support processes, monitor progress, assess risk and improve decisions. Data is also increasingly used as an engagement tool for both team members and customers. Ezra Group’s Data-as-an-Asset assessment includes data under immediate control as well as data beyond the firm’s physical and virtual walls.

The deliverable includes a complete tactical plan around organizing and accessing all of the data necessary to support a firm’s goals and drive performance optimization. C-Suite leaders will gain insight to mitigate risk and increase revenue generation while expanding its capability for executing strategies. The firms will also be positioned to deploy advanced software solutions and implement the latest data engineering initiatives.

Advisor Compensation Systems

CIOs, CTOs and other wealth management executives need data to effectively mitigate risk and identify opportunities to increase revenue. Ezra Group evaluates, optimizes, and deploys advisor compensation systems. This includes assessing the current state of the field compensation systems and support processes, reviewing and optimizing underlying data architecture, implementation planning, and executing. We develop recommendations for future plans, calculate ROI, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our sales performance optimization process gathers data and empowers leaders to define their goals and identify parameters used to evaluate and reward advisors. Further, we develop a comprehensive tactical plan that supports the organization’s broader goals through advisor performance optimization.

Sales Performance Optimization Service

CIOs, CTOs and other wealth management leaders need data to effectively mitigate risk and identify opportunities to increase revenue. Our Sales Performance Optimization Service gathers data and assists leaders with defining their goals and identifying parameters used to evaluate and reward advisors. Further, we develop a comprehensive tactical plan that supports the organization’s goals through advisor performance optimization.

Operational Support Services

Maintaining a well-trained, experienced, and efficient operations staff is a critical part of any broker dealer or asset management firm’s success. Ezra Group’s operational support services provide experienced professionals who temporarily assist with key operational processes such as as billing, and advisor transitions. Our seasoned team enables enterprise firms to continue growing as they back-fill operations staff with the right team to best meet long-term requirements.

Advisor Portal Software Development

Broker-Dealers and RIA aggregators need internal advisor portals that provide access to back office services such as opening and tracking trouble tickets, submitting documents for compliance review and approval, accessing knowledge bases, facilitating internal RIA forums, and more. Ezra Group’s portal development team designs robust and scalable systems built on the latest enterprise technology including Microsoft SharePoint and Salesforce Lightning.

Business & Technology Strategy Consulting

Ezra Group’s strategic planning team works with senior executives to improve the advisor and client experience with a customized approach that enhances unique market advantages. Our Target Operating Model methodology delivers detailed action plans for reorganizing and optimizing an organization for executing corporate strategy. The value-added recommendations we deliver regarding people, processes, and technology increase long term prospects for success.