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This blog is dedicated to a tax management as it relates to fee-based managed accounts.  I plan on researching and discussing many of the issues surrounding tax management.  I’ll look into tax management claims made by investment advisors, overlay managers and software companies.  Different methodologies of tax management are also on my radar as well as methods for validating claims that different management or optimization techniques can generate tax alpha.death_and_taxes

The reason behind the name of this blog, “The Myth of Tax Alpha” came to me while I was attending the FRA’s Managed Accounts Technology & Operations Summit in February 2009.  A number of different speakers and panelists touted their firm’s ability to generate various amounts of tax alpha for their clients.  The range went from 10 all the way up to 300 basis points.  I thought this was an interesting topic and wondered if these claims could be verified or if they were just marketing fluff.  Maybe tax alpha is just a myth and maybe it’s not.  Either way I expect to learn a lot about tax management of managed accounts, so why shouldn’t I post it allonline and share it with all of you?