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Our collection of webinars feature industry leaders and professionals from several top Data and Wealth Management firms. Our panelists review the latest methods and strategies firms are using to improve and influence the #wealthtech and wealth management communities. Powered by Ezra Group, these webinars cover a breadth of topics including technology, operations, and strategy for wealth management professionals.
Ezra Group brings more than 15 years of experience to its work with broker-dealers, banks, asset managers, and technology vendors.

Winning Data Teams: Scope, Focus and Keys to Success

October 4th 2022

More wealth management firms are realizing that leveraging their data assets has the power to help them reach their business goals. This requires building a strong data team that bring experienced, cross-functional skill sets to bear. However, this is no easy task.

The most well-run companies have been able to develop a competitive edge via their data analytics capabilities that enable business managers to gain unique insights into trends and customer behavior.


  • Jeremiah Renfro – VP of Systems Engineering – Riskalyze
  • Bob McGill – Executive VP – Docupace
  • Tom Bradley – Chief Product Officer – YieldX
  • Jeff Marsden – Chief Product and Strategy Officer – Xtiva Financial Systems

Changing The Game: How Executives Can Level Up Advisors With Better Data

June 28th, 2022

In this webinar, our panel explored what works, what doesn’t work, and the pitfalls that can derail efforts (and the secrets to avoid them). And most importantly, how to secure advisor buy-in and deliver results through engagement.

After watching this webinar, you’ll learn how the right mix of data, insights, incentives and support will level up your data game.


  • Craig Iskowitz – CEO of Ezra Group Consulting
  • Linda Wittich  – FinTech Advisor & Consultant, Top Line Focus
  • Farouk Ferchichi – Head of Data Analytics, Envestnet
  • Jamie Loughery – Regional President, BMO Wealth Management
  • Jeff Marsden – Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Xtiva Financial Systems

The Tower Of Babel: Tips on Consolidating Wealth Management Data From Multiple Sources Webinar

February 22nd 2022

Disparate data is often the richest data, but it is often hidden in different places. It speaks different languages. It describes things differently. Yet is all shares in a common goal. Accessing that richness is among the most valuable opportunities for financial services firms. 

In this webinar, our panel of experts explored innovations in technology and business processes that can deliver access to this tapestry of riches.


  • Jeff Marsden – Chief Product Officer, Xtiva Financial Systems
  • Michael Stern  – VP Head of Product, Riskalyze
  • Rich Romano – CEO, FIDx
  • Todd Winship – Head of Data & Analytics, Temenos

The Last Mile: Data Powered Wealth Management CX

July 10th, 2021

This webinar featured a panel of industry experts who shared stories and perspectives to shape how you think about and manage data as a key component of your client experience.

After watching this webinar, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how data can shape the quantity of your client experience and how you can leverage data to grow you firm and retain more clients.


  • Craig Iskowitz – CEO of Ezra Group Consulting
  • Sarah Rasmuss  – Chief Product Officer, Circle Black
  • Julie Littlechild – Founder and CEO, Absolute Engagement
  • Penny Phillips – Cofounder & President, Journey Strategic Wealth
  • Heather Holmes – Founder & CEO, Genivity

The Future of Enterprise WealthTech Webinar

Enterprise wealth management firms are under intense pressure from the COVID-19 crisis and have to deal with issues much different from RIAs and others. 

How are they reacting and how are the vendors who provide their core technology platforms supporting them? What are the trends and how are firms reacting? Hear from the leaders of the top wealth tech vendors. 


  • Craig Iskowitz – CEO, Ezra Group Consulting
  • Stuart DePina  – President, Envestnet
  • Cheryl Nash – CEO, Tegra118
  • John Lunny – CEO, Vestmark
  • Randy Bullard – Global Head of Wealth, Charles River Development
  • Eric Clarke – CEO, Orion Advisor Tech

The Engines Powering Data-Driven Wealth Webinar

May 18th, 2021

This webinar was a thought-provoking session as we discussed how innovators are bringing new ideas, tools and services to Wealth Managers and Financial Service forms, enabling them to unlock the value of their data assets.

The panel participants shared ideas based on actual customer experience and their current innovation pipelines. They highlighted areas of significant opportunity and shared keys to getting to first value quickly.


  • Craig Iskowitz – CEO of Ezra Group Consulting
  • Tony Stich – Chief Operating Officer, Advicent
  • Kit Lee – Director of Technology Solutions, Pershing
  • Jud Mackrill – Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Milemarker
  • Davyde Wachell – Chief Executive Officer,
  • Jeff Marsden – Chief Product Officer, Xtiva Financial Systems

The Journey Towards Data-Driven Wealth Management Webinar

March 23rd, 2021

Financial services firms can enhance their market advantage by leveraging underutilized data assets and reorganizing. Increasing the value of the data that already exists in the firm can be accomplished through in-depth analysis, optimizing the architecture and deploying the updated strategy. 

This webinar is a crash course in developing a Data-as-an-Asset Strategy presented by industry leaders with experience in guiding enterprise firms to successful implementation. 


  • Moderator: Craig Iskowitz
  • Julia Carreon – Digital Wealth Executive, most recently Head of Digital for Wells Fargo Private Bank
  • Mark Pinto – President, Harbourfront Wealth Management
  • Jeff Marsden – Chief Product Officer, Xtiva Financial Systems
  • Damon Gladman – Head of Product, Skience