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Ezra Group provides the research, strategy, and expertise necessary to guide important decisions for private equity firms around business development, strategy, product and acquisition.

Due Diligence Services for Acquisitions of RIAs

Ezra Group analyzes the firm’s operational process and entire technology stack including full cybersecurity review to identify potential red flags that could require significant investment post-acquisition.

Due Diligence Services for Acquisition of Fintechs

Ezra Group analyzes the firm’s current product functionality and compares against top competitors, provides gap analyses, prioritization, product roadmap recommendations, and market sizing estimates to help determine valuation and future revenue growth.

Product Strategy & Market Research to Support Fintech Portfolio Companies

Launching new products successfully requires careful research and strategy. Ezra Group conducts targeted competitive analyses, partnership analyses, product roadmap reviews and recommendations, sizing of new markets, and surveys of prospective clients for new product offerings.

Market Research to Identify Possible Acquisition Targets

We review the Wealthtech space for companies that we believe would be strong targets for acquisition.