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Welcome to the industry standard for evaluating wealthtech application integrations

A clear and concise ranking of integration capabilities to help you build your best tech stack

The Process:

Our WealthTech Integration Score team conducts an in-depth assessment of an application’s integrations across three weighted criteria, and then calculates the score based on how well it communicates with other applications. We’ve analyzed more than 5,000 separate integrations between over 500 applications and tailored our assessment of each to their specific category.

The Criteria:

Our analysis evaluates integrations based on breadth, depth, security and technical support.

The Wealthtech Integration Score:

Applications are scored on a 10-point weighted scale relative to their category. A higher WealthTech Integration Score means that the application has broader and/or deeper integrations than others.

Why the WealthTech
Integration Score is important:

Supports new firms in building
a reliable and compatible
tech stack
Helps established firms have more confidence
when adding new application to their
crowded environments
Brings clarity to connection by increasing
transparency around integrations
across the industry
Encourages vendors to provide specific
information about their capabilities
on their website
AdvisorTech vendors commonly tout their integrations, but until now there was no way to tell what's a 'real' integration that provides meaningful capabilities to a key partner, and what's little more than window-dressing to be able to say 'we're integrated'. Craig and his team are bringing real clarity for the first time to the state of advisor technology integrations with their Integration Scores, creating an objective common standard that advisors - and other vendors - can rely upon.

Michael Kitces, Kitces.com

Find out how your tech stacks up here.

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